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Treatment Options

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Clinical Nutrition

Understanding the vital role of nutrition in well-being, In Health Naturopathic Medicine emphasizes the profound connection between our health and dietary choices. The approach encompasses:

  • Whole Foods Foundation: Optimal consumption of whole foods ensures our bodies receive essential nourishment for overall health.

  • Individualized Dietary Guidance: Dr. Hannan guides individuals toward healthy food choices, recognizing the absence of a universal diet that works for everyone.

  • Holistic Eating Focus: Beyond food choices, emphasis on the timing of meals and surrounding habits is crucial for comprehensive health.

  • Basis for Whole Body Health: A dedicated focus on good nutrition forms the foundational basis for holistic well-being.

  • Supplementation Support: In specific cases, additional nutritional supplementation may be necessary; Dr. Hannan utilizes high-quality supplements for optimal nutrient levels or to address imbalances.

Lifestyle Counseling

Lifestyle counseling is fundamental to naturopathic treatment, serving as the foundation for optimal health. At In Health Naturopathic Medicine, our approach considers various factors:

  • Activity Level: Tailored advice to enhance physical well-being.

  • Sleep: Strategies to improve quality and duration.

  • Stress Management: Techniques for stress reduction.

  • Hydration: Guidance for maintaining proper hydration.

  • Social/Emotional/Mental Health Balance: Comprehensive support for mental well-being.

  • Home and Work Environments: Addressing factors influencing health.

Naturopathic medicine, while not offering quick fixes, empowers individuals to cultivate a lifestyle conducive to optimal health. Our Naturopathic Doctors guide you in learning and adopting habits that contribute to long-term well-being, emphasizing the importance of sustainable health practices.

Botanical Medicine

Harnessing the healing properties of plants, our approach at In Health Naturopathic Medicine includes botanical medicine as a powerful element for holistic well-being. Complemented by a focus on nutrition, we prioritize mindful eating and personalized dietary approaches:

  • Whole Foods Vitality: Optimal consumption of whole foods remains pivotal for providing essential nourishment to our bodies.

  • Individualized Dietary Approach: Dr. Hannan guides individuals towards personalized, healthy food choices tailored to their unique needs, acknowledging the absence of a one-size-fits-all diet.

  • Holistic Eating Focus: Emphasizing that beyond food choices, the timing of meals and habits surrounding eating significantly contribute to overall health.

  • Foundation for Comprehensive Well-being: A dedicated focus on good nutrition forms the bedrock for holistic health.

  • Supplementation Support: In certain cases, additional nutritional supplementation may be necessary; Dr. Hannan utilizes high-quality supplements to address optimal nutrient levels or correct imbalances.


Homeopathy, a therapeutic system grounded in the principle of "like cures like," operates on the belief that a substance causing specific symptoms in a healthy person can treat similar symptoms in an unhealthy individual. The approach aims to support and activate the body's natural defense and immune processes. Derived from plants, animal materials, and minerals, homeopathic medicines are individually prescribed to align with each person's unique needs. The key characteristics include:

  • Principle of Similars: Like cures like, addressing symptoms with substances that would cause similar symptoms in a healthy person.

  • Stimulation of Body's Defenses: Homeopathy seeks to aid and stimulate the body's innate defense and immune mechanisms.

  • Diverse Sources: Medicines are derived from plants, animal materials, and minerals.

  • Personalized Prescriptions: Tailored to each individual's unique symptoms and constitution.

  • Non-toxic and Dilute Doses: Administered in significantly smaller and non-toxic doses compared to pharmaceutical medications.

  • Prevention and Treatment: Used for both preventive measures and active treatment.

  • Safety: Homeopathic medicines, being highly dilute, are considered very safe, particularly suitable for children who often respond positively to this approach.

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