Patient Testimonials

“Soon after I had my first child, I sought out a naturopath. I was looking for someone who could talk to me about vaccinations, fevers, growth charts and

percentiles. Crystal Hannan was so easy to talk to, and being a first

time mom with no family around, that was very important to me. What I

liked most was that there was no judgment. I have been with her for

over 5 years, and now, when my children run into Dr. Hannan at the library,

or the farmers’ market, they run up to her for big hugs! I couldn’t

be happier with the experience and expertise she has given us.” 


“I have always enjoyed being one of Dr. Hannan’s patients. When I first came to see her 7 years ago, I was suffering from some trauma in my life and my body was hardly

functioning. She took great care to listen and pinpoint just the right naturopathic remedies and therapies that helped bring my body back to strength and balance. Through the years she has continued to maintain her dedication to not only being a good doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, but a good instructor as well. I am very grateful for, and find real comfort in her friendly and devoted approach to being my doctor and steering me towards health and wellness.”

 – J.R.

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Hannan for nearly two years. It’s refreshing to find a

doctor that takes the time to understand your concerns and goals, but can still

give me guidance for areas of my health that I hadn’t given much thought. Her integrative approach means that she doesn’t rule out allopathic medicine if it has clear evidence of more effectiveness or safety. Thanks to Dr. Hannan, I’m in better shape at 40 than I was at 25.” 


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